Friday, May 30, 2014

Easy Access Recovery

Category: File & Disk Management

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows NT/2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Recover and repair Microsoft Access databases with ease! Easy Access Recovery will automatically find, unerase and recover deleted and damaged Access databases as well as MDB and ACCDB files stored on formatted disks and memory cards. Damaged databases will be automatically repaired. Easy Access Recovery can extract usable data even out of severely damaged Access databases.

Easy Access Recovery can quickly repair corrupted Access databases stored on hard disks, flash cards, remote and USB drives. Even if your Access files were accidentally erased, or are located on a formatted, repartitioned or damaged disk, Easy Access Recovery can still help by scanning the hard disk or flash drive, finding, recovering and finally repairing the database.

When it comes to repairing a damaged Access database, Easy Access Recovery takes a careful step-by-step approach. Instead of relying entirely on database system structures that can be damaged beyond repair, the software carefully analyzes the entire content of a database, record after record. This algorithm allows Easy Access Recovery to save usable data out of badly damaged databases even if their file system is completely beyond repair. As a result, Easy Access Recovery can produce usable Access databases with more data recovered than other products.

Easy Access Recovery is quick, fully automated and extremely simple to use. A fully visual pre-recovery preview shows tables and records stored in recoverable databases on the fly, even if the database being previewed has been erased and partially overwritten. Databases in MDB and ACCDB formats produced by all versions of Microsoft Access are supported with full multi-language and Unicode support for database file names, records and data.
Easy Access Recovery
Easy Access Recovery

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